TD-31040 Tube Sealing Machine (For Heat Exchangers)

TD-31040 Tube Sealing Machine (For Heat Exchangers)


TD-31040 tube end closing sealing machine for gas spring,heat exchanger,chair,furniture,tube machine



* Scope of application : 
Tube or pipe assembly products can be a complete or not complete tube end sealing . Its used in the industrial of baby stroller, kids tricycle, baby playpen, bicycle, motorbike, automobile, exercise equipment, gas spring, buffer, gas lift, deck chair, chaise lounge, furniture, suit hanger, lighting fixtures, house wares, sanitary wares, recreational facilities, rehabilitation and medical instruments, stainless chopsticks,…etc.

TD-31040 can do serial number: A、B、G、K(taper tube),application H、I、J(for gas spring)


201021821355152843.jpg 安全氣囊鋼瓶

* Specification :

Three process module arc top type
Outer diameter of tube
10 ~ 40mm
Thickness of tube
0.8mm~2.0mm Tube diam. and thickness must match well.
Length of tube
Speed of sealing tube
8 seconds min., according to tube diam. and thickness
11 HP
Total length
2285 mm
Total width
825 mm
Total height
1185 mm
Net weight
910 kgs
Gross weight
1030 kgs
·The sealed tube application will be plastic cover free and no need of tube end welding. Complete or not complete tube end sealing is alternative according to client's requirements .
·Adaptable to metal tube of various materials including iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc.

·Three process tooling will be running simultaneity , efficient productive and noise free . 

·Simple operation with quick and safe manual control , a professional operator will not be required . 
·Rapid mold shift device makes replacement of mold and point adjustment easier and quicker. 

·Finished tube end has safe quality and nice exterior, and is secure from plastic cover falling off or skin scraped.
Before procession
After procession, with a hole left
After procession, with the tube end sealed